Board of Elders

A Plurality of Leadership

Throughout the New Testament, principles of church leadership point to a central theme: plurality. We believe our church is best led with multiple leaders and good systems of accountability.

Our Elder Board is comprised of both volunteers and staff executive-level pastors who provide spiritual oversight, leadership, and shepherding for the church. They entrust the implementation and execution of that leadership to ministry leaders and staff, under the direction and oversight of the Executive Team. This system of organizational leadership allows the Elders to focus their gifts and time on their biblical mandate to lead and shepherd the church, while allowing ministry leaders (staff) to lead the ministries and make practical decisions on how to implement and carry out the church’s mission.

BridgePoint's Elders are appointed by unanimous consensus of the current Board and serve according to the role of an Elder laid out in Scripture and affirmed in our church bylaws. Read our Elder qualifications and more info here.

Board of Elders

Travis Hadwin


Glenn Davenport


Mike Celosse


David Johnson


Joe Bailey

Tyler Crosson

Travis James

Paul Cutts

Gary Malanowski

Randy Miller


The highest level of human leadership at BridgePoint is vested in a governing board (or team) of qualified male elders who meet the biblical requirements for eldership set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 and follow the leading of Jesus who is the chief Shepherd of the Church (1 Peter 5:1–4). In addition, elders model the mission, vision, and values of the church, are actively involved in the ministry of the church, and fully ascribe to the Church’s Beliefs.
Individuals become voting members of the Elder Board when nominees agree that they are called by God to serve in the capacity of elder, and there is a unanimous consensus of the entire Elder Board. Church members vote at the Annual Meeting to affirm the Elder Board.

Board Composition

The Elder Board is composed of both non-staff elders who are not paid by the church and staff elders who are paid by the church. The Church's bylaws prescribe the Board have a minimum of five non-staff elders.  Staff elders are voting members appointed by the Elder Board who meet the qualifications for elder and serve on the Executive Team. The maximum number of elders is determined by the Elder Board according to need and the availability of qualified individuals. Non-staff elders are expected to serve in the capacity of elder for a minimum of three years, but no more than eight years before rotating off the Elder Board. Staff elders are expected to serve in the capacity of elder for the duration of their appointment to the Executive Team.

Special Committees

Special Committees help to serve the spiritual, administrative, legal, and financial needs of the Church. Committee members are comprised of men and women who are members of the church and are qualified in an area of expertise or experience relevant to the committee's work. The current committees are:
  • Spiritual
  • Stewardship & Finance
  • Administrative & HR
  • Legal
If you have questions or input for one of these committees, use the Contact form below.

New to BridgePoint?

If you are new to BridgePoint, we invite you to attend an upcoming Starting Point Class. We want you to take time to get to know BridgePoint and learn how we are fulfilling our mission of helping people, all people, get closer to God.

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