Everyone, Everywhere! - Made New, Part 3

This message happens at our church in such a fun season. In the context, the early church movement was spreading as the Good News of Jesus was transforming and changing people from death to life. The lesson Peter was re-discovering,  and committed to leading the church to embrace was: everyone, everywhere. The saving grace of God can rescue all people. We must respond like the early church, not by trying to label or judge people, but by celebrating the grace of God with all people. Are we? That's what it means to be a people Made New!

Questions for Reflection:
• "The line separating good and evil passes...right through every human heart." What was your reaction to the quote Tyler shared from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn?
• Why do human beings tend to so frequently label or judge people as if we decide who is worthy to receive God's grace?

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