Lost Not Rejected: Discovering Unconditional Love - Pursuit, Part 1

In this message Travis launches us into a new series that we are calling Pursuit. He teaches on the transformative journey of the prodigal son to illustrate the depth of God's grace and acceptance. Through a personal anecdote of getting lost in a race, he draws parallels to our spiritual wanderings and the unchanging embrace of God's love, even when we feel distant. This message is a powerful reminder that our missteps do not define us; instead, we are welcomed back with open arms, invited to rediscover a love that never turns us away. Join us as we explore the profound truth that we are lost, but never rejected.

Questions for Reflection:
• How can sharing our own stories of feeling 'lost' help strengthen our community and foster a deeper understanding of God's grace?
• Consider the role of forgiveness in your life. How does forgiving others, and seeking forgiveness, relate to the theme of returning home in the prodigal son's story?

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