Who We Are

Building Beds started out of BridgePoint Church in 2014 and is a volunteer led initiative of For The City,  a registered 501(c)(3). After learning about the process and working with a similar organization in Kentucky, we recognized the need in our own community and knew we needed to bring the the program home to Pinellas County.  With the help of generous supporters and faithful volunteers, Building Beds has built and delivered over 4,000 beds to children in need.

The Need

It is estimated that over 7,000 children in Pinellas County do not have a bed to sleep in each night.
Children who do not have their own bed often sleep on the couch, an air mattress, or worse, directly on the floor. This prevents them from getting the proper rest to be alert and learn in school. We work with over two dozen community agencies that advocate for local families.

The Build

Using detailed plans, volunteers build and assemble every part and piece in batches of 200-300 beds at a time. "Build Days" start with raw dimensional pieces of southern yellow pine and end with headboards, footboards and side rails that make up the solid, sturdy bed frame.

The Delivery

Every other Saturday, dozens of volunteers show up to load the trucks with bed frame parts, mattresses, and all of the accessories to make a bed complete. Each team visits 1-3 families to assemble and complete the bed with pillows, sheets, blankets, and toiletries. By the time volunteers leave the home, the beds are ready for the child to sleep in that night.
"We believe in the growth and well-being of the next generation of leaders in our county. Would you like to support our efforts?
Please consider volunteering with us or making a financial contribution to our mission."

Contact Building Beds

Interested in learning more about Building Beds, volunteering with us, or want to inquire about receiving a bed? Please reach out to us using the form below!