Who was Jesus?

We read about Jesus in the Bible, who he was, what he did, and who he continues to be today. We study his teachings and believe that he was God who came and lived on earth and died to save us. But as we read the stories of Jesus’ life, can we easily forget that they really happened? Is our perception of Jesus is one-dimensional and thus missing the fullness of who he is?

The Chosen is an amazing, biblically-centered, quality video series that tracks the life of Jesus through the gospels. The opportunity to watch the life of Jesus in a fresh way, in conjunction with reading the gospels and interacting with others about it will undoubtedly bring a much fuller awareness of who Jesus is.

We're bringing you season 1

This Easter*, BridgePoint has made the entire of season one of The Chosen available for you to view inside of the BridgePoint App, including the ability to cast to your larger screens. There is a short family discussion guide included with each episode in the app. For those wanting to dive even deeper as a group we also have a group study guide available for you to view and download below. This is a great way as a family or a small group to learn more about Jesus and journey to Easter together. Look for the videos in the Media tab of the BridgePoint App.
*Season One available now through May 31st.

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