In the fall of 2022 we held a series of Vision Nights at all of our physical campus locations. On these nights we heard from each of our campus pastors about where they believe, with some strategic investment, we could see increased momentum and spiritual growth on their campus. It was clear that God was calling us into two main areas across all of our campuses.
1. Relational Connection
The first area is in relational connection. We believe God is calling us into closer community with one another and we believe with an investment into some of the spaces at our campuses we can better facilitate the kind of community God has called us to be.
2. NextGen Spaces
Secondly we are seeing continued growth in the number of kids attending KidsPoint and we believe investing in the spaces that these ministry areas use will better equip us to invest in the next generation.


Updated: January 18, 2023

If you missed Tyler's announcement during our "We Get To Give" message, a generous BridgePoint member has created a $50,000 dollar for dollar matching challenge!
Now for every dollar donated to our 2022 Vision Night Fund this challenger will match it up to $50,000. If you have been waiting for the right time to give to these projects now is the right time as everything given before the end of January will be doubled.

Additionally if you believe God is calling you to give a larger sum, would you consider becoming our next challenger. If so please reach out to Tyler and arrange a meeting with him about how you can sew seeds of generosity.


For a more detailed explanation of our Vision Night goals and how they break down by campus please watch our short Vision Night recap video.
In it you'll have a chance to hear from each of the campus pastors about their vision for their campus and from Tyler about some of the other ways you can also get involved and invest in the life of the church.
We're so excited about the possibilities we see to invest in community and in the next generation. Will you join us?


The safest and most convenient way to give is through the BridgePoint App or website.
  1. Click on the Give page
  2. Enter your amount
  3. Select the 2022 Vision Night Projects fund
  4. Enter your payment details and you're done!

Thank you BridgePoint for being a generous church!